Tilton Hill Goat Farm

Quality Cashmere and Boer Goats, Alpaca, Goat Meat, eggs from our chickens

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About Us

How we started our little farm.

As we both approached retirement age we started thinking about what we would like to do with all this free time on our hands. We are both active people so we didn’t want to just sit in rocking chairs. I was raised on a farm and Dave always wanted to have a goat, so I proposed the idea that maybe a goat farm was way to go. To my surprise Dave was receptive of the idea.

So the search was now on for property suitable for goats and of course a house that we both liked.  In September 2012 we found the perfect place for both the goats and us in Pittsfield, NH.  The house was perfect for us with a breezeway and a large 2 car attached garage.  Dave loves his garage. 

There was a nice big shed out back and lots of room for the new barn. The first task was to clear the trees for the barn which Dave did with no major incidents. The red barn was built by Center Hill Barns, Chichester, NH in the summer of 2013 and was ready just in time for our goats to arrive in early October.  We acquired a herd of 2 Cashmere bucks and 7 Cashmere does.   

As with any project, this one seemed to evolve.  Fast forward to today, we now have a herd of 6 alpaca, 2 males and 4 females.  Our Cashmere goat herd is up to 15, 3 males and 11 females. I just love the fiber, and this year I blended my cashmere with the alpaca fiber.

We also added a small herd of Boer meat goats, 1 buck and 5 does.  As of today January 18, 2016 we are awaiting the arrival of Boer baby goats. All five of the does are pregnant. Each doe usually has 2 babies.

Other farm animals include NH chickens, White Crested Black Polish chickens and new egg layers are due to arrive in February 2016.

Our farm dog, Rascal-Pete is a wonderful border collie that loves to help out and is best friends with Dave.  We also have a black barn cat named Jeffie. Maybe someday soon Rascal–Pete will have a friend.  I am on a wait list for Wellscroft Farm’s  border collies.  I want a little girl. 


Tuesday, January 19, 2016